Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Blog has MOVED!!!

I know, I know....I just started this Blog!  But.....I decided it would be nice if I merged my website and blog together. It's been one of my projects this winter and it's ready! Please stop by and visit time to time or even better....become a FOLLOWER! Thanks for stopping by! Next stop? 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playing catch-up...The JOY of Love! (WORKSHOP)

I'm several days behind on posting my workshop photo's.  I decided to lump them together in one great  posting! We get our 'LOVE' assignments in the morning and it takes a while to decide what to photograph. It usually takes a few hours before my kids start doing funny things! But they ALWAYS do and you get to see a few of those things here!
Day 6  The JOY of Love- Topic-What they LOVE 
Andrew- he loves Super Hero's....mostly Spidey and Batman. Here is Batman in the bathroom on a red game board piece with a Silly Band being stretched on him...I'm guessing he's about to fly!!

Day 8...
Yes I skipped day 7, it was generations and I didn't get any pics...don't cry!

Day 8 of The JOY of Love Topic- Gifts from the Heart 

So... this may seem unconventional but it's really a mother's dream and gift of LOVE ...and now my dreams have come true! 

For TWO pennies, my son will take the laundry out of the hampers, bring it to the laundry room and load it into the washing machine with whatever color clothes I tell him to!!  WHAT a gift of LOVE!!!

Day 9- (Topic) Passions and Hobbies they LOVE 

One thing both of my kids LOVE do is goof around and do silly things....first kids in the world to do that right? No, but they come up with some funny stuff sometimes! Here's a few silly passions of theirs!
The suction cup toothbrush trick!

Why did I buy this many?

Get yours Today!

The best snow for snowballs?
answer: The Snow Behind YOU!!

Well I'm all caught up now! Day 9 is tomorrow...well, technically it is today because it is 1am. That's enough for now! Keep posted for my NEW Blogsite!! 
I'll post the link when it's completed. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's day 5 of The JOY of Love! The topic is Love to Hate...Kelly Willette, the instructor, had an example for this task. She showed a picture of her husband drinking coffee. She then explained how he annoyingly slurped it every the point where she had to leave the room before he even started drinking it! That might bother me too!  
I can honestly say that I couldn't think of much I Hate...I'm not a hater of much... so here is what I found! Love Balloons...Hate to get them off  the ceiling! I found the vacuum attachment works divinely! I have to laugh here because I water-marked
this picture! Like someone wants to copy a picture of a Chuck E Cheese Balloon! Funny stuff!

Love to work...Hate the clutter of my desk...this is actually after cleaning it last night...geeesh!

Do I need to explain this? If you have small children...ITS BAD NEWS!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4 of my workshop! The JOY of Love!

Our assignment today was to photograph our loves one's clothes. So the fourth thing I do this morning is grab my camera and go into my son's room. I'm instantly joyed to see him with his shirt on backwards! I'm not usually that excited...but since I'm trying to photograph something interesting...I'll take it!! We both laughed and I took a couple shots...a nice moment anyway;)

The other pictures here, I had to use a promise of a  "juicy sucker"... they are reluctant little models sometimes...BUT you have to reward them for their hard work...RIGHT? I hope you likey!

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I hope you likey!!!  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Check out my website!

Ok so I just realized that my Blog isn't linked to my website. Oops! Well here it is:  I'm in the process of starting a blogsite. It combines a website and a blog, thus the name!  If we keep having snow days I'll have it done in no time! I'm also changing my business name to Andrea Vicente Photography...AV Portraits for short! 
Wish me luck:)!

STAR PHOTOGRAPHY: A Day with my Kiddos!

STAR PHOTOGRAPHY: A Day with my Kiddos!: "So it's February!! Not my favorite month, but for some reason I'm enjoying it a little more this year. It's a month that I've set aside to w..."

A Day with my Kiddos!

So it's February!! Not my favorite month, but for some reason I'm enjoying it a little more this year. It's a month that I've set aside to work on my business and to learn some new things in the photography world!
Which leads me to my new post... The Joy of LOVE workshop!! Check it TOO can take this FREE's for people who love to take pictures and want to learn how to photograph in the moment...the things you love!The Joy of LOVE!
I have been doing this for a while because I'm a scrapbooking MAMA! It's been my artistic outlet for about 8 years and I just love how my pages capture the life I LOVE! 

So... this is a typical day of playing, eating and hanging out...everyday is a good day when you are LIVING WELL! 
And BTW I only have ONE follower...SOOO if you read this and you might stop back and you have an ounce of compassion....PLEASE be a follower:)
And check out all of the pictures from this workshop on Flickr!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. J!!

What a lucky little boy! His parents (mostly know how that goes)threw him the sweetest, cutest, yummiest Snow/Winter themed Birthday party in their home! There were 5 and 6 year olds running everywhere...hilarious! The BMW (Best Mom in the World...I'm one can be too!) had personalized aprons, shovels and goodie bags for 16 kids! Oh...I almost forgot the personalized "make it" then "bake it" pizza operation! It was awesome and I wish I could post pics more but didn't want to get in trouble with the guests' mommies, who I'm sure are also BMW's!! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love for "J"!

My Blog is very primitive and I'm hoping to make it look a lot better than this but OH WELL for now! I posted some pictures from my last session with Baby J and his loving parents. This was a christmas gift from Grandma & Grandpa....what a great idea! I think they will be pleased!!

My first BLOG post! I'm so new to blogging. I have a feeling there is no turning back now!!