Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's day 5 of The JOY of Love! The topic is Love to Hate...Kelly Willette, the instructor, had an example for this task. She showed a picture of her husband drinking coffee. She then explained how he annoyingly slurped it every the point where she had to leave the room before he even started drinking it! That might bother me too!  
I can honestly say that I couldn't think of much I Hate...I'm not a hater of much... so here is what I found! Love Balloons...Hate to get them off  the ceiling! I found the vacuum attachment works divinely! I have to laugh here because I water-marked
this picture! Like someone wants to copy a picture of a Chuck E Cheese Balloon! Funny stuff!

Love to work...Hate the clutter of my desk...this is actually after cleaning it last night...geeesh!

Do I need to explain this? If you have small children...ITS BAD NEWS!

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