Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playing catch-up...The JOY of Love! (WORKSHOP)

I'm several days behind on posting my workshop photo's.  I decided to lump them together in one great  posting! We get our 'LOVE' assignments in the morning and it takes a while to decide what to photograph. It usually takes a few hours before my kids start doing funny things! But they ALWAYS do and you get to see a few of those things here!
Day 6  The JOY of Love- Topic-What they LOVE 
Andrew- he loves Super Hero's....mostly Spidey and Batman. Here is Batman in the bathroom on a red game board piece with a Silly Band being stretched on him...I'm guessing he's about to fly!!

Day 8...
Yes I skipped day 7, it was generations and I didn't get any pics...don't cry!

Day 8 of The JOY of Love Topic- Gifts from the Heart 

So... this may seem unconventional but it's really a mother's dream and gift of LOVE ...and now my dreams have come true! 

For TWO pennies, my son will take the laundry out of the hampers, bring it to the laundry room and load it into the washing machine with whatever color clothes I tell him to!!  WHAT a gift of LOVE!!!

Day 9- (Topic) Passions and Hobbies they LOVE 

One thing both of my kids LOVE do is goof around and do silly things....first kids in the world to do that right? No, but they come up with some funny stuff sometimes! Here's a few silly passions of theirs!
The suction cup toothbrush trick!

Why did I buy this many?

Get yours Today!

The best snow for snowballs?
answer: The Snow Behind YOU!!

Well I'm all caught up now! Day 9 is tomorrow...well, technically it is today because it is 1am. That's enough for now! Keep posted for my NEW Blogsite!! 
I'll post the link when it's completed. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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