Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Day with my Kiddos!

So it's February!! Not my favorite month, but for some reason I'm enjoying it a little more this year. It's a month that I've set aside to work on my business and to learn some new things in the photography world!
Which leads me to my new post... The Joy of LOVE workshop!! Check it TOO can take this FREE's for people who love to take pictures and want to learn how to photograph in the moment...the things you love!The Joy of LOVE!
I have been doing this for a while because I'm a scrapbooking MAMA! It's been my artistic outlet for about 8 years and I just love how my pages capture the life I LOVE! 

So... this is a typical day of playing, eating and hanging out...everyday is a good day when you are LIVING WELL! 
And BTW I only have ONE follower...SOOO if you read this and you might stop back and you have an ounce of compassion....PLEASE be a follower:)
And check out all of the pictures from this workshop on Flickr!


  1. I forgot to mention why there is a picture of a vase with flowers...the flowers were from my son's preschool teacher's funeral that morning. She passed away unexpectedly last week. Each child was given a flower in her memory. She will be missed by so many...